The Institute of Forest Therapy (IFT) is the INFTA-Accredited Training Provider for Australia, Asia and the Americas. IFT offers a range of professional training options and services to a wide range of individual, corporate, organizational and governmental clients.

Accessible and Supportive

Accessible and Supportive

Professional Guides

Learn from professional Forest Therapy Guides who practice

Based on existing and evolving evidence

Based on existing and evolving evidence

On successful completion of the six-months INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide training, learners will be able to:

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INFTA sets the standards for and organizes the training of INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guides nationally and internationally. This is done in close collaboration with members of the INFTA Advisory Board, established research institutes and organizations as part of a dynamic international network. Training of Forest Therapy Guides is based on the International Core Curriculum for Forest Therapy (ICCFT) designed by INFTA in 2017. In the process, the ICCFT was evaluated and validated by over 120 international experts from 20 countries.

Structured Learning

INFTA Learning Management System

To support our trainees, INFTA employs a professional, high-end Learning Management System (LMS) using the latest online and cloud-based learning technology. This makes learning – even for those coming from a non-English speaking background – much easier. The INFTA LMS is highly interactive and provides an excellent line of communication to mentors and fellow trainees.

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Develop skills and key competencies

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organise and lead Forest Therapy sessions in forests and other natural environments

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understand group dynamics and people management

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comprehend the evidence-based research related to nature and Forest Therapy

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recognize and deal with a range of situations, time and risk management

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establish, communicate and consistently follow a personal values framework

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empower participants to become nature-connected and environmentally conscious

International Core Curriculum Forest Therapy (ICCFT)

Training of Forest Therapy Guides is based on the International Core Curriculum for Forest Therapy (ICCFT). The ICCFT constitutes the international training standard in this area. In 2017 INFTA spearheaded efforts to develop one international curriculum which unified the different national ideas and approaches in training the personnel required to conduct guided Public Forest Therapy sessions.

Continuous Professional Development

As an organisation, INFTA develops, promotes and monitors professional conduct of its research, training and Public appearance. Thus, all INFTA-Certified and Accredited Forest Therapy Guides have to participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to maintain accreditation with INFTA.