Trail Certification

There are national and international guidelines for designated Forest Therapy trails. This is to ensure a maximum of safety, comfort and benefits for all participants, clients and patients of guided Forest Therapy walks.

As the international peak body, INFTA certifies designated Forest Therapy trails. As such, we are in regular dialogue with the respective administrative and government departments to ensure that designated Forest Therapy trails are set up and maintained appropriately for the Public. At the same time, INFTA collaborates with international research partners in other countries to exchange experiences and knowledge about which trails are and can be made appropriate for Forest Therapy.

Likewise, if private organizations, companies or individuals wish to obtain proper certification for designated Forest Therapy trails, INFTA conducts the necessary certification process.

Take a look at this designated Forest Therapy trail at Qii House, a private eco-retreat in midst the rainforest of the Otways in Victoria, Australia, as featured on television.

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