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Forest Therapy Research and Training for Public Health

The International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) promotes Forest Therapy as an evidence-based Public health practice through international partnerships with research & training institutes, government bodies and relevant industry stakeholders.

Hinoki Cypress
INFTA Forest Therapy Guides meet a Hinoki Cypress tree
at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a research-based Public health practice of guided immersion in forested surroundings with the aim of promoting mental and physical health whilst relaxing and enjoying nature.

Recognized widely as a Public health practice, it has gained global acceptance as evidence-based, effective and affordable natural medicine.

Forest Therapy is also referred to as Shinrin-yoku (Japanese for ‘forest bathing’ or ‘immersion in the forest’) due to its origins in Japan.

Join the world leader in Forest Therapy Guide training

A Forest Therapy Guide is a professional who is certified and qualified with specialist skills, knowledge and competencies in the application of Forest Therapy as a Public health practice in suitable forests and nature settings.

INFTA designed the world standard in Forest Therapy Guide training, the International Core Curriculum of Forest Therapy (ICCFT) evaluated and validated by 120+ experts from 20 countries, trusted by governments around the world.

That’s why INFTA is the global peak body in Forest Therapy and world leader in Forest Therapy Guide training. INFTA has offered more than 150,000 hours of instruction to trainees worldwide – an organisational expertise and competence you can rely on.

What is Forest Therapy

What are the origins of Forest Therapy?

According to the World Health Organization, stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century and is responsible for many forms of non-communicable diseases. In the 1980s, Japan recognized the physiological and psychological impact of stress and depression and sought out a new, affordable and effective way to alleviate it.

This was the origin of “Shinrin-yoku”, roughly translated as ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’, ‘forest immersion’ or ‘forest bathing’. During the last three decades, this trend led to the development of the Public health practice of Forest Therapy. The term was coined by Prof. Dr. Yoshifumi Miyazaki, Grand Fellow, Chiba University in Japan and a member on the INFTA Advisory Board.


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“The INFTA training program was a terrific opportunity for personal and professional growth. The learning platform was easy to follow and the mentor guidance throughout the course invaluable. I entered the program as a keen outdoor enthusiast and a long time physiotherapist. Both these pursuits have been challenged and ultimately enhanced through the program and the personal reflection it has provoked. The personal impact for me has been huge and I’m excited to see where it will take me professionally.”

Matt Lancaster FACP
Award-winning Specialist Sports Physiotherapist
Participate Tasmania

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INFTA and its national and international partners are engaged in a number of research projects collecting further evidence of Forest Therapy as an effective, affordable Public health practice.

read the latest research on Forest Therapy here

The International Handbook of Forest Therapy

The first International Handbook of Forest Therapy defines the scientific domain of this innovative, evidence-based and timely Public health approach. More than 50 authors from around the world were brought together to offer their expertise and insights about Forest Therapy from a variety of research perspectives.

The theoretical discussion of the effects related to the biophilia hypothesis presented here is complemented by research results compiled across the last three decades in the fields of psychology, medicine and biochemistry, primarily from Asia. The book also highlights the latest developments with regards to Forest Therapy in a number of different countries, ranging from China and Australia to Germany and Norway.

The handbook constitutes a major milestone in research in this field. It set the baseline for Forest Therapy to be implemented worldwide as a powerful and financially prudent Public health practice.

Public Health

Collaborating successfully with government, organisational and corporate stakeholders, INFTA endorses Forest Therapy as an evidence-based Public health practice globally.

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Forest Therapy offers exactly what people need right now!

Many people suffer from stress and lifestyle-related illnesses. Most of us have a poor work-life balance. Our lifestyles have also led to environmental issues.

As an INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide you reconnect people to nature and make a real difference.

"When I learned about INFTA’s Forest Therapy Guide training, I was bursting with excitement to sign up. From my first initial contact with Susan I felt supported on my journey to become an INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide. I found the course material, formal sessions and practicum informative and challenging. The training was well-structured and I always felt comfortable and safe to explore new concepts and ideas with INFTA. The personal transformation that occurred for me over the course of the Forest Therapy Guide training have been life changing. The mentoring I have been provided and continue to be provided on my journey has helped me to develop and grow as an INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide."

Belinda McCawley - Founder of Mindful In Nature

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