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  • Study Melbourne Inclusion Program: Forest Therapy for International Students
  • Purpose of event: reducing stress and mental health issues by being out in nature
  • Event organizer: International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA)
  • Event location: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne – Birdwood Avenue, MELBOURNE VIC 3004
  • Date/Time: various options to select from in August/September/October 2024
  • Duration of event: three hours (two-hour Forest Therapy session plus brief pre- and post-survey)
  • Eligibility: international students (studying, planning to study or completed studying at a university in Victoria)

Forest Therapy for International Students

Research shows that mastering daily life may not be so easy for many international students. Typical issues are:

  • selecting the right study option
  • getting around at university, Melbourne or Victoria
  • missing friends and family members back home
  • having to complete assignments on time and sitting exams
  • getting along with lecturers and fellow students
  • searching for a place to live
  • managing a sometimes tight budget…


Life can be stressful – particular for our international students. Study Melbourne (SMIP) – through its Study Melbourne Inclusion Program has recognized this issue. It has tasked INFTA with conducting guided Forest Therapy sessions for international students. You can participate in one of these sessions – completely free-of-charge.

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What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is an evidence-based Public health practice. Guided Forest Therapy walks combine a specific blend of complementary physical and mental exercises in suitable forest surroundings leading to a lower heart beat, blood pressure and stress levels while, at the same time, the immune system, breathing and the overall physical and mental fitness and agility are strengthened.


What are the health benefits of Forest Therapy?

Click the link to find out about the many direct and indirect health benefits of Forest Therapy. So, taking part in one of our Forest Therapy sessions should help you to relax, de-stress and improve your health.


About INFTA and Forest Therapy at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

As the global peak body, INFTA conducts research and training in Forest Therapy and creates Public awareness about this effective health practice. Thus, INFTA is privileged to offer YOU a free Forest Therapy session at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne – perhaps you have already been there – is located close to Melbourne CBD and can easily be reached by bike, car or Public transport. It offers a much-desired green space in the heart of the city, lots of plants and trees to admire and is an ideal place to relax, replenish and recuperate. Regular Forest Therapy sessions for the Public as well as for corporate, organisational and educational clients have been conducted at the Royal Botanic Gardens successfully since 2017.


Help us with research

The Forest Therapy sessions will be accompanied by research. We wish to learn how effective Forest Therapy is, specifically for international students. Indeed, the findings may lead to a future expansion of this program. So, many thanks in advance for helping us to collect valuable data as part of the accompanying research project.

Of course, all data provided by you is kept strictly confidential and in full accordance with all privacy laws and regulations. Any private data which would allow identification of individual participants will be anonymized.



You can register your participation by completing the form below. Choose from the available options of dates and times between August and October 2024. We have also made a Plain Language Statement available for you to read or download by just clicking the link. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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Research Study:

Forest Therapy for International Students (FTIS)

Responsible Organisation:

International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA)

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