Professional Development Day – Sydney 2023
Professional Development Day Sydney

While the colourful Sydney “Mardi Gras” Pride Parade 2023 was going on in the city, Forest Therapy Guides from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney – located in view of the Sydney Opera – for an important Professional Development Day. As part of INFTA’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD), INFTA’s President, Susan V. Joachim, herself met with about two dozen Forest Therapy Guides.

In a recent move to improve Public awareness of Forest Therapy in New South Wales, INFTA and its Accredited Training Provider, the Institute of Forest Therapy, have taken charge of the marketing of Forest Therapy sessions across the three botanic gardens in and around Sydney which are managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust. No doubt, this important step will see a significant rise in Forest Therapy events – public and private – across Sydney and New South Wales.

Thus, the focus of the Professional Development Day in Sydney was how the Public can be made aware about the manifold physical and mental health benefits of Forest Therapy. Hot but sunny weather complemented the successful event.