Nature Stewards in Victoria
NatureStewards Outdoors Victoria

INFTA supports the local initiative by Outdoors Victoria to foster nature-connectedness among adults. Nature Stewards is a 10-week adult environmental program that will introduce participants to their local and wider Victorian ecosystems and natural places. The curriculum is broad, covering topics such as: rocks and soils; fungi, plants, and animals; climate change, seasons and fire; ways to care for country and manage private property; being a citizen scientist, conservation volunteer, advocate for nature, or nature guide; and how and where participants can get outdoors and volunteer in their area. The program includes approximately 46 hours basic training across 10 class sessions and four field sessions. Programs run across Victoria, with days, dates, and times dependent on the host organisations. More information and how to apply can be found here: A training program for Victorians to become nature-connected.