International Graduation Ceremony 2023
Melissa OShea, INFTA Graduation Ceremony 2023

INFTA proudly held its the International Graduation Ceremony at the pristine location of Pallotti College, Victoria, 16 September 2023.

Due to the travel and meeting restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduation ceremony had to be postponed to this year. INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guides from America, Asia, Australia and Europe had graduated during the last few years and were invited to this venue to be presented with their international certificate. The Guest of Honour, A/Prof. Dr. Melissa O’Shea, School of Psychology, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Australia, gave an excellent and timely insight into the therapeutic possibilities of Forest Therapy as an adjunct treatment in the realm of mental health. INFTA’s President, Susan V. Joachim, welcomed the graduates and guests. She thanked all graduates for their contribution and efforts to alleviate lifestyle diseases using Forest Therapy as evidence-based Public Health practice.