Geelong Nature Festival 2023
Geelong Botanic Gardens - Open Day 2023

INFTA participated actively in the Geelong Nature Festival 2023, held at the Geelong Botanic Gardens on 8 October 2023. Hundreds of interested people from Geelong and surroundings strolled by to experience the many flowers and blossoming trees.

INFTA’s President, Susan Joachim, and INFTA’s Accredited Forest Therapy Guide, Karyn Folwell, offered a free Forest Therapy taster session. Opening the session which led to the lush fern tree section in midst the Geelong Botanic Gardens, INFTA’s Secretary, Dr. Dieter Kotte, Honorary Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health, Deakin University, summarized the many health benefits of Forest Therapy and, especially, phytoncides to interested participants and passers-by.