Forest Therapy Guide Training – anywhere, any time
INFTA LMS Forest Therapy Guide Training

INFTA has taken the next important step in promoting Forest Therapy as an evidence-based Public Health practice globally. Since January 2023, the new, innovative and exclusively online-based INTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide training has been made available to our international audience. It is the world’s first online-based, supervised and mentored training in Forest Therapy designed to render a maximum of learning environment, curricular finesse and, thus, learning success. This is made possible utilizing and advancing the fantastic training options available in the INFTA Learning Management System (LMS). So, start your training any time, anywhere!

The INFTA LMS sets the global standard in training Forest Therapy Guides professionally and successfully. At the same time and by relying on the efficiency of the high-end, AI-powered training software behind the INFTA LMS, it became possible to reduce the training costs for interested applicants significantly – while still offering superior training results conforming to the International Core Curriculum of Forest Therapy (ICCFT) – the world’s curricular “gold standard” in training professional INFTA-Accredited and Certified Forest Therapy Guides.