Successful INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training

Forest Therapy Introduction at Pallotti College

After the harsh lockdown in Greater Melbourne, the first post-COVID-19 Forest Therapy training workshop resumed successfully at Pallotti College, Victoria/Australia. The five-day INFTA Forest Therapy Introduction forms the beginning of the six-months comprehensive, mentored and supervised INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training. This time the obligatory guided Public Forest Therapy event was conducted at the outstanding lush gardens of […]

Partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Forest Therapy Blue Mountains

INFTA is pleased to announce that the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust, New South Wales, has signed an Agreement for the Provision of Services with the Institute of Forest Therapy, INFTA’s Accredited Training Provider in Australia. As part of this agreement, regular Forest Therapy sessions will now be offered at all three locations in and around Australia’s […]

International expert recommendations to alleviate stressful mental and physical COVID-19 effects

rainbow over forest

INFTA Melbourne Office – Press Release: COVID-19 and Forest Therapy; released and updated: Monday, 24 August 2020, 10.00 AEST Download Press Release Top-level medical executives and advisors to the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) like Won Sop Shin and Andreas Michalsen recommend Forest Therapy as an effective Public health practice to alleviate stress resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic. “Forest […]

Anti-viral properties of essential oils and phytoncides

geranium oil reduces COVID-19 binding

The latest research from INFTA’s Advisory Board Member, Prof. Dr. David Wang, and colleagues from the National Chung Hsing University in collaboration with Bio-Jourdeness International Groups Co. Ltd. and the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica, in Taiwan identified very interesting and promising anti-viral properties of specific phytoncides in essential oils. The researchers found that the active […]

The healing benefits of Forest Therapy

logo Sydney Morning Herald

A recent article in the Australian Sydney Morning Herald described and endorsed the effects of Forest Therapy as an effective preventive Public health practice. Quoted next to the internationally revered British actress, Dame Judy Dench, INFTA’s President, Susan V. Joachim, stresses that when “immersing yourself or being showered in nature you consciously choose to slow down and […]

Forest Therapy and Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronovirus COVID-2019 Phytoncides

INFTA has received a lot of inquiries if and to which degree Forest Therapy as a preventive Public health practice may be able to assist in combating the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. INFTA wishes to underline that Forest Therapy exposes participants to inhaling a very diverse range of phytoncides when walking under the canopy of trees. […]

Nature Stewards in Victoria

NatureStewards Outdoors Victoria

INFTA supports the local initiative by Outdoors Victoria to foster nature-connectedness among adults. Nature Stewards is a 10-week adult environmental program that will introduce participants to their local and wider Victorian ecosystems and natural places. The curriculum is broad, covering topics such as: rocks and soils; fungi, plants, and animals; climate change, seasons and fire; ways to […]

Devastating Bush Fires in Australia

Koala munching eucalypt leaf

INFTA regrets the massive loss of life, environment and habitat caused by the raging bush fires in Australia. From an international perspective and being concerned about Public health and the lifestyle of people, INFTA urges governments and responsible stakeholders to pay attention to the immense value of our environment, in particular the health benefits natural […]

International Handbook of Forest Therapy

International Handbook of Forest Therapy cover

INFTA is proud to announce the publication of the International Handbook of Forest Therapy (IHFT). The handbook is released by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the UK. The IHFT is the collaborative work of some 50 authors, edited by Dr. Dieter Kotte (editor-in-chief; Secretary and International Strategic Advisor, INFTA), Prof. Dr. Qing Li (co-editor; Nippon Medical School, Japan), Prof. […]

INFTA Advisory Board

INFTA Advisory Board 2019

In 2019 INFTA was privileged to expand its Advisory Board yet again. At the end of this year, the Advisory Board comprises ten members. Our esteemed Advisory Board members come from Australia (4), Germany (2), New Zealand (1), the USA (1) and Taiwan (1). Their expertise ranges from Forest Medicine to Cancer Research, from Public Health to […]