It has been a real privilege for INFTA’s President, Susan V. Joachim, to have been welcomed and greeted by Uncle Vincent Ross, a Mutti Mutti elder and the founder of the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The Institute of Forest Therapy, INFTA’s Accredited Training Provider in Australia and Asia, has recently moved some office space to this cultural centre.

Much like most people on this planet, Uncle Vincent Ross, has been unfortunate to lose his connection to the land, which is the land of his forefathers and the many forefathers before in his younger days. He had, very personally, gone through a lot of personal hardships but, eventually, found his way ‘back home’. Due to his relentless efforts, the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre was established in 1998 and developed into a well-recognized place far beyond the borders of Geelong or Victoria.


Narana encourages reconciliation and respect of culture through helping to create positive models for engagement and important dialogue around issues of National Reconciliation, a prevalent issue in Australia. INFTA is proud to support this process and to create respect for the Aboriginal culture and heritage as it was that culture – grown over tens of thousands of years – which lived in harmony with land and nature.