Global demand for professional services in the area of health & wellbeing tourism

INFTA has recognized the rising demand for professional training and services in the area of health & wellbeing worldwide.

According to the latest report on The Global Wellness Economy: Country Rankings released February 2022, the global wellness economy reached a staggering turnover of USD 4.4 trillion. Wellness Tourism alone reached the immense amount of USD 435 billion in 2020. With the pandemic largely behind us, expert prognosis forecast a rise of expenditures, particularly among the adult and senior population in industrialized countries
Thus, INFTA’s international experts have worked hard over the last couple of years in developing a new training module catering for the demand of Forest Therapy in health & wellbeing tourism. By the end of Mai 2023, INFTA will release its latest training module qualifying interested participants from around the world as
  • INFTA-Certified and Accredited Forest Therapy Tourist Guides (FTTGs)
Shortly, we will make more details available on this fascinating and very timely Forest Therapy training module. This FTTG training module

The photo shows INFTA’s President, Susan V. Joachim, at the Wellness Tourism Summit 2022 at The Tweed, New South Wales, Australia, together with the Dr. Paulo Benito S. Tugbang (Director, Office of Product and Market Development, Philippine Department of Tourism, Manila, Philippines), Katherine Droga (Chair, Global Wellness Institute, Sydney), Eleanor A.  Palima (Tourism Officer, Philippine Department of Tourism, Sydney Office):

The FFTG training is directed primarily to interested corporate and organisational clients in Asia and Africa in the area of health & wellbeing tourism. It forms part of INFTA’s CSR commitments.