Forest Therapy Guide Training

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choose from introductory workshop to full-fledged training

expert training and professional support

exclusive 12 training spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis

International Core Curriculum

validated by more than 120 experts from over 20 countries

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acquire professional competencies

suited for medical and mental health practitioners, environmental and HR specialists, naturopaths and aromatherapists

INFTA is the international authority setting standards for and organizing the training of Forest Therapy Guides internationally. This is done in close collaboration with established research institutes and organizations as part of a dynamic international framework. Of particular mention is the delivery of the International Core Curriculum for Forest Therapy (ICCFT) (based on the evaluation by over 120 international experts), outstanding teaching and learning material and the training of lecturers and certified Forest Therapy Guides. The ICCFT forms the base for future training standards at the tertiary level for Certified Forest Therapy Guides world-wide.

ICCFT - part 1
ICCFT part 1

ICCFT part 1

ICCFT - part 2
ICCFT part 2

ICCFT part 2

The training in Forest Therapy is conducted internationally by INFTA-accredited, supervised and monitored institutes and lecturers. During the practical training components, INFTA offers professional internship placements with its partner organisations.

INFTA offers several training options. Please select the training cohort you are interested in:

You will find more information about the INFTA Forest Therapy Introduction and INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training following the above links.

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