Register here if you wish to participate in Forest Therapy – Walks and/or Community Awareness Workshops. Registration and participation in these community events are FREE.

Forest Therapy Walks

Choose from several Forest Therapy sessions held at a tranquil setting in Brimbank Park. Attend a FREE two-hours Forest Therapy walk and get de-stressed by professional INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guides. Each Forest Therapy walk is limited to 15 participants. Register now and …

Forest Therapy at Royal Botanic Gardens
Forest Therapy Session in Victoria
Brimbank City Council sponsor

Forest Therapy is suitable for all ages and people with different physical abilities and strengths. Forest Therapy walks are also recommended for people with minor physical and mental ailments. However, please consult your GP or specialist doctor should you suffer from any major medical condition if you can and should participate.

Costs: FREE!
Number of places available: seven different Forest Therapy walks to choose from; max. 15 participants per walk (first come, first serve!)
Date: different options between May and November 2022 (see registration form below)
Time: 11:00-13:00 hrs
Location: Brimbank Park (outside the Lumbar & Co Café, near carpark A)
Address: Keilor Park Drive, KEILOR 3033 VIC

Brimbank Park
Brimbank Park

Forest Therapy – Community Awareness Workshops

This time round, these are held online. Attend a FREE 60-minute presentation and learn about Forest Therapy as a Public Health practice. Each info session is limited to 20 participants. Register now and …


Forest Therapy at Altona Library
Forest Therapy Workshop in Victoria

Costs: FREE!
Number of places available: 20 (first come, first serve!)
Date: different options between May and November 2022 (see registration form below)
Time: 18:00 – 19:00 hrs
Location: online

Forest Therapy info session

Forest Therapy Podcasts

If you cannot attend one of the Forest Therapy sessions offered or if you like to get a first “taste” of what Forest Therapy is and what health benefits it can have for you, feel free to listen to one of our podcasts, specifically designed for the Brimbank community. Enjoy your free podcast!

Forest Bathing Mindful Breathing
Forest Therapy Workshop in Victoria

Click on the REGISTER HERE! tab below, fill out the form and you are ready to go! Please fill out one application for each person wishing to participate. You may select one Forest Therapy – Forest Therapy Walk and/or Community Awareness Workshop per application.