INFTA Network

International Network Of Forest Therapy

This map shows the INFTA network around the world.

You can search for Forest Therapy experts and researchers, for example, those who helped to put together the International Handbook of Forest Therapy (Kotte, Li, Shin & Michalsen 2019). The map also allows you to find INFTA Forest Therapy Guides (accredited, certified or in training) close to you. You may zoom in/out to your preferred location or simply search the map by entering a location of your choice. Hovering over or clicking on a marker displays more detailed information and provides further links and email contacts.

map icon HQ

INFTA Offices

map icon INFTA Advisory Board

INFTA Advisory Board Member

map icon INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guide

INFTA-Certified Forest Therapy Guides (accredited/certified/in training)

map icon Forest Therapy expert

researcher/expert in Forest Therapy

map icon park

Public Forest Therapy walks

map icon Forest Therapy training

INFTA training locations

This map is updated regularly.